With no chains, sprockets or gearboxes and a host of further functionality not possible with conventional landwheel driven drills, the Nine is a high precision and low maintenance drill where each unit is driven by its own electric motor. This allows infinitely adjustable seed spacing directly from the tractor seat as well as the benefits of section control, guidance and variable rate seeding when paired with the correct ISOBUS terminals. 


Key Features

  1. Tough single sided chassis design

  2. Floating parallel linkage for consistent depth control

  3. Easy depth control via rear wheel quadrant in 2.5mm steps

  4. Adjustable rear wheel pressure via spring

  5. Slim line Individual Electric Motor Drive

  6. 12 litre seed hopper

  7. ISOBUS compliant


Additional Options

Wheel Options

Air Drill Wheels.png

Wheel Options

100mm Rubber
Cage with scraper

➜ 120mm
➜ 160mm
➜ 200mm
Stainless with Scraper
➜ 120mm
➜ 160mm
➜ 200mm
100mm Rubber Zero Pressure
100mm Rubber Concave Zero Pressure
140mm (MZP) Zero Pressure
165mm (LZP) Treaded Zero Pressure

Coulter Options

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 10.26.55.png

Ceramic Single Line and Cast Single Line

Ceramic Single Line

Extra hard wearing for sticky or abrasive soils

Cast Single Line

General purpose single line work

Other Options

Clod Deflector.png

Clod Deflector

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 12.26.50.png

Seed press wheel

Technical Specification


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